Monday, January 23, 2012

Computer Safety - Use Computer Security Programs to Surf the Web Without Fear

Computers have become an integral part of our lives. It is impossible to imagine a day in our lives where we do not check our mail accounts, social networking accounts or otherwise surf the web for news or entertainment. However, it is very dangerous to surf the web without securing your computer from all the malicious programs and elements on the web today. Read ahead and find out ways to keep your personal computer secure when surfing the web.

A- Antivirus programs

Sophisticated anti virus programs are available in the market today. Most paid programs offer regular for at least one year from the date of purchase for free. It does not cost a lot to renew the same. A fully functional anti virus program is enough to protect your computer from the most harmless to the most dangerous viruses. Antivirus programs form the last line of defense. Even if a virus or bugware infects your computer after overcoming all other protective programs, the anti virus program will scan and remove such infections.

B- Firewall

Most reputed anti virus programs come with a customized firewall as well. However, most individuals simply ignore the firewall because it makes it difficult to operate some programs like torrent software programs. However, the benefits that firewalls offer far outweigh the minor problems that one has to face. The firewall acts as the gatekeeper for your computer. Nobody will be allowed in and nobody will be allowed out (we are talking about data here) unless the gatekeeper i.e. the firewall permits. If you still are not comfortable using customized firewalls, just make use of the basic firewall offered by Windows XP and onwards.

C- Safe surfing

No program will keep your computer free of infections if you do not surf the web safety. The computer may be the smartest device invented by man. However, using your common sense is a must to keep your computer safe. Downloading files obtained from unknown persons is a strict no-no. You must follow certain basic common sense rules to keep your computer safe.

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