Saturday, May 21, 2011

Computer Spying Programs - Can They Work Invisibly?

Computer spying programs only work well if no-one knows they are working, right? If our children realize they're being monitored, then they will just go to a friend's house to view porn. This would simply be anti-productive, would it not? Therefore, we need a program that will work silently, invisibly and secretly, right from when the computer gets turned on. We can't have some blinking icon in the task bar, like some buffoon jumping up and down, flailing his arms and screaming, "Hey! I'm watching you!". So what can be done about this? Well...

Some computer spying programs are super-elite pieces of work - they'll not have such blinking icons and work in complete stealth. This is the type used in big businesses who wish to keep an eye on the activities of their employees to make sure they are working and not playing online roulette, chatting on instant messengers for hours, or embezzling funds and stealing account information. They record everything... mouse clicks, pages viewed, keystrokes typed, instant messenger sessions, and log it all on hidden files to then be secretly e-mailed to you.

Of the many computer spying programs out there, this is the type to use for certain. Many even use these because they suspect their spouses of infidelity, and as you can imagine, suspicion alone does nothing. With concrete proof however, confrontation is definite and inescapable. Whether you wish to protect your heart, protect your business or protect your children, you need a software program that runs invisibly, period. Thankfully, the much higher quality types can do this with no problems at all.